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Technology, by externalising human muscle power in machines, and human memory and thought processes in computers, is weakening the Inner Man, destroying the very possibility of salvation through meditative and concentrative practices.

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Technology is nothing less than a misguided magical program, they say, emulating spiritual powers out of body experiences, communicating over distance, etc… through external means. Consciousness, from a low point at the creation of a totally unconcscious Nature, has slowly evolved through unicellular organisms, through the various life forms, to end up with the birth of humans who equally grow in the depth and breadth of their Awareness. Humans already went from tribal to national consciousness, mainly through the effects of the printing press.

And today the internet is creating the necessary material base for the emergence of a planetary awareness. They agree with the Spiritual Pessimists that cyberspace is a collective externalisation of our minds the concept of a Noosphere , and say that it functions as a nervous system for our planet, that becomes aware of itself through networked humans.

In short, what the Net is creating is Electric Gaia, a new stage in human civilisation, both materially and spiritually. It is interesting to note that this spiritual debate is mirrored by the secular religions of Technology, with the Utopian visions of the Extropians representing the extreme optimistic side of the debate, and the neo-Luddite deep ecologists representing the negative critique of technology.

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However, in a strange and ironic dialectic, it is the future vision of the Extropians, with their desires for a Technological Ubermensch, that confirm the worst visions of the spiritual Pessimists; and it is the harmonious model of deep ecology which illustrates the hopes of the school of Teilhard de Chardin! In this major debate about the meaning of technology, spiritualists are blazing the trail for the rest of us.

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The extreme points of view represent the Yin and the Yang of technology, the two sides of the coin, the vivogenic and pathogenic aspects of the virtual living environments that we are creating. It is thus a debate that should involve the rest of us as well. Deus Ex Machina vs.

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Elizabeth Weir tapped a pencil to her chin. She had hoped that she'd been exaggerating the sunken eyes, the slumped shoulders, the listless demeanor…but clearly if Carson was concerned enough to bring it to her attention, John's health must be suffering. With Colonel Caldwell making not-so-surreptitious plays for power on an almost daily basis, the last thing she needed was for her Chief Military Officer to be incapacitated.

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Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to remain calm; bad timing or no, LTC Sheppard had a problem and it was up to her to make certain it got fixed. Her mind sorted through the possibilities as Beckett sat staring at his folded hands. Beckett looked up sharply to meet her gaze. He's not going 'on vacation', 'sick leave', or 'taking time off'; 'I have too many responsibilities' says he. Weir picked up a pen from her desk and began playing with it. Beckett stopped walking as if shot, then sat heavily into his chair.

After a long moment, he met her eyes squarely and nodded. He seemed to love being the Chief Military Officer until McKay blew up that solar system; now it's as if the wind is out of his sails. I'm not sure why, but he's furious, and it's eating him alive. Says 'everything's fine' and won't see Heightmeyer. Bloody lot of good that stubbornness will do if he collapses on a mission. Weir stared at the doctor thoughtfully, an idea beginning to form.

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What did you just say? I was thinking about sending him on a mission where he'd have no choice but to rest. Beckett's eyebrows crawled towards his hairline as he considered the possibilities. Teyla is taking Ronon to meet the Athosians on the mainland for a few weeks; perhaps LTC Sheppard could accompany them.

Elizabeth smiled and shook her head. Teyla confided to me that she is actually taking Ronon there to help with the harvest; Dex doesn't know it yet, but he has two weeks of very hard work coming. No, I was thinking of sending him to Deltarra with Rodney and Radek. Carson grinned, "A win-win situation?

There's a small village nearby, but not much else. She could have sworn she heard him mutter "Poor Dr. Zelenka" as the door slid shut behind him. The two men stood uncomfortably just inside the door to her office. Rodney was confused and exchanged a glance with Radek; Elizabeth usually didn't want procedural details, she wanted results. Clearing his throat nervously, he replied, "They're loading the equipment onto Jumper Two right now; we take off at tomorrow.

We'll Gate to Deltarra and fly to Dr. Seinlein's lab, where the equipment will be off-loaded, along with supplies for two weeks. By the end of that time, we'll have discovered if the good doctor was onto something or was just getting a free ride from his government before he died. Nothing to it. Weir stood and paced. Zelenka being without protection for two weeks on an unfamiliar planet. McKay briefly assumed his old self-satisfied smirk. We're the brightest minds in the Pegasus Galaxy. And with this lab being so remote…".

Elizabeth's expression was simultaneously calming but mirrored the concern. I insist that you have some protection. Besides, I think the Colonel will appreciate a break from his paperwork. Elizabeth continued, ignoring his confusion. She stared at them for a minute through narrowed eyes.


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Have a safe trip. Well, that handled McKay; now for the hard part…. Flattery was not an effective a motivator in the combat pilot. Spreading his arms in frustration, he complained, "Look, I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork, OERs are due in a month, and if I don't have a detailed resupply list for the Daedalus the next time it makes the trip from Earth, I'm going to have over irate soldiers and civilians battering down my door.

Just go. Weir hoped that this forced break might get him a little rest, or at least get him back on speaking terms with the Science Chief.

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There sure are a lot of good stories in the running - go check them out the ultimate C2 list Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Stargate: Atlantis. After Trinity, Sheppard, McKay, and Zelenka are at a remote lighthouse to finish a murdered scientist's research. Now it seems someone really doesn't want the work completed, and isn't above killing again Setting Out "Bottom line: do the Deltarrans have something or not?

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