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Medea asks for and is granted one day's reprieve, but King Creon is fearful, and rightly so.

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During that one day's time, Medea confronts Jason. He retaliates, blaming Medea's banishment on her own temper. Medea reminds Jason of what she has sacrificed for him and what evil she has done on his behalf. She reminds him that since she is from Colchis and is, therefore, a foreigner in Greece and without a Greek mate, she will not be welcome anywhere else.


Jason tells Medea that he has given her enough already, but that he will recommend her to the care of his friends and he has many as witnessed by the gathering of the Argonauts. Jason's friends need not be bothered because as it turns out Aegeus of Athens arrives and agrees that Medea may find refuge with him. With her future assured, Medea turns to other matters. Medea is a witch. Jason knows this, as do Creon and Glauce, but Medea seems appeased. She presents a wedding gift to Glauce of a dress and crown, and Glauce accepts them. When Glauce puts on the robe it burns her flesh.

Unlike Hercules , she immediately dies. Creon dies, too, trying to help his daughter. Although thus far, Medea's motives and reactions seem at least understandable, then Medea does the unspeakable. One of these is to find the Golden Fleece and bring it home to Thessaly.

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To make the journey Jason builds a strong ship, which he names the Argo, and mans it with a crew of Greek heroes, legendarily known as the Argonauts. He also overcomes the dragon itself and collects the Golden Fleece. They are angrily pursued by her family, who seek to reclaim the Fleece, their most precious possession, and exact revenge for her betrayal.

Sexual Jealousy and Erôs in Euripides’ Medea

When Jason and Medea arrive in Iolkos, they find the aging Pelias unwilling to yield the throne. As a show of her powers Medea cuts up a ram, throws the pieces in a boiling cauldron, and brings it back to life. This time, though, Medea withholds her magic, leaving Pelias dead. But instead of finally attaining the throne, the murderous duo is exiled together with their two sons.

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They flee to Corinth, where Euripides opens the next chapter. Hanna Jr. Fund, The play opens at a fateful moment.

Crash Course Medea

Medea, deranged and vengeful, has just learned that Jason intends to marry the princess of Corinth. The Chorus of local women arrive and Medea appears, persuading them to remain quiet about any plans she might make.

A Guide to Euripides’ Medea

Creon enters, banishing her from Corinth immediately, but Medea persuades him to give her just one more day. Aegeus, the king of Athens, visits Medea and promises to provide her refuge if she will help him over his childlessness. Her escape assured, Medea decides that killing her children is the only way to properly punish Jason for his betrayal. She pretends to make peace with Jason and sends the boys to the palace with a gift for his new bride: a gown and tiara soaked in poison.

After wrestling with her conscience, Medea steels herself to the act of killing her children, whose death cries can soon be heard off stage.

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  • Jason returns to the house, in shock from the disaster at the palace, only to find a greater tragedy at home. Medea appears above the orchestra like a god deus ex machine in the dragon chariot of the sun, holding the two dead boys in her arms. The J.