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How to Make Collaboration Work

See our disclaimer. The coauthor of "How to Make Meetings Work" offers five time-tested principles for making collaborative efforts more effective, efficient, and even enjoyable.

Decision Making Steps in Management

Every day we work with others to solve problems and make decisions, but the experience is often stressful, frustrating, and inefficient. In How to Make Collaboration Work, David Straus, a pioneer in the field of group problem solving, introduces five principles of collaboration that have been proven successful time and again in nearly every conceivable setting.

Straus draws on his thirty years of personal and professional experience to show how these principles have been applied by organizations as diverse as Ford Motor Company, the U. How to Make Collaboration Work shows how collaboration can become a joy rather than a chore-a kind of chemical reaction that releases far more energy than it consumes. Specifications Series Title Berrett-koehler. It''s an art, really, that is based on a few powerful principles. But most people aren''t familiar with those principles. They''ve never been taught them.

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Think back to your early education. If it was anything like mine, you were taught in school to value and strive for individual success. You studied, took tests, gave presentations, and were graded and given awards individually. Group work was neither measured nor rewarded.

Team sports may have provided some antidote to all of this "I" focus, but, even there, weren''t you mostly encouraged to develop individual prowess for the sake of the team? That''s not the same as solving problems or making decisions collaboratively, which is what''s demanded of us in today''s workplaces and communities. In school, we were taught what to learn--what facts and formulas to memorize--but we were rarely taught how to learn. Likewise, we were given problems to work out, and we were eventually given the answers to those problems, but we were seldom taught explicitly how to solve the problems--what mental or physical processes to use.

And since we didn''t learn how to solve problems individually, it''s no wonder we have trouble solving problems collaboratively.

Team Building Exercises – Problem Solving and Decision Making

In this book, therefore, I hope to help fill this gap in our educational background. I hope to help you learn about the process of collaborative problem solving. And I hope to demystify the process and show you that it really isn''t hard or unpleasant. It really can be enjoyable and energizing! What Collaboration IS When I use the synonymous terms collaboration, collaborative action, and collaborative problem solving, I am referring to the process people employ when working together in a group, organization, or community to plan, create, solve problems, and make decisions.

Clearly, I''m not using the word collaboration in its negative sense, as in collaborating or working with the enemy. I have done enough work in Europe and former Communist countries to know that collaboration often viscerally evokes an image of collusion. In those situations, I have found that the word cooperation has more of the intended meaning of working toward a positive outcome together.

Also, using the term collaborative action sometimes helps to avoid this pitfall. Then there are the words problem and problem solving. As I will discuss in Chapter 2, I use these words in their most general and inclusive sense. I define a problem as "a situation someone wants to change. It 6 encompasses decision making and planning and all kinds of creative activities such as designing, exploring new opportunities, engaging in appreciative inquiry, visioning, learning, and communicating.

Problem solving, and specifically collaborative problem solving, is a process that is largely independent of content. The distinction between process and content is very important for the message of this book.

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I once asked a class of sixth graders for definitions of these two words. One boy raised his hand and said, "It''s just like chewing gum. Chewing is my process.

Exercises to Build Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills

Gum is my content. I can chew all sorts of things. References Publications referenced by this paper. Rettig , James. Bermudez , Melissa. Effective Collaboration - Rules that make it work. Baltulovich Richards , Regina. How to Make Collaboration Work: Powerful ways to build consensus, solve problems and make decisions.

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Strauss , David. What is the Collaborative Classroom?