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Intentionally remember. When you read, study or listen to a sermon about Jesus, plan to remember everything about Him that you can. You will remember more if you intend to remember more. Become a note taker. Like Matthew, keep a notebook with your Bible to write down the things you learn about your faith, but especially write down the things you learn about Jesus.

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Make scrapbooks. Most mothers make scrapbooks of their children. These involve baby pictures, early school papers, and memorable things. First, you could keep an actual pictorial and written record of your Christian life since conversion. Just as Mary kept things in her heart, you can keep memorable things about Jesus in your heart. Sing hymns about Jesus. Use your hymn book to ponder Jesus. On many occasions, you will find the hymn writer will put your thoughts into words for you.

Matthews What Child Is This? William C. Elvey 5. Use praise choruses.

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The modern praise choruses focus on Jesus, usually sung to Jesus in worship and praise to Him. When you ponder Jesus, get in the habit of not only thinking about Jesus, but when you meditate, talk to Jesus. Lemmel 6. Memorize Scriptures verses. At the end of this section, there are suggested verses to memorize to help you better ponder Jesus.

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Memorize these verse. Fill your mind with verses that will focus your attention on Jesus. View art. The museums are filled with pictures of Jesus. Remember, there is no description of Jesus in the Bible. Jesus is in our hearts Galatians , yet Jesus is the man in the glory Hebrews , Display Christmas nativity scenes. Many churches have nativity scenes, especially now that they are not legally permitted on government or public property.

Perhaps a small nativity scene in your home at Christmas will center your mind on the real reason for Christmas. It is the celebration of His birth. But ponder more than the physical aspects of His birth. Galatians ,5.

Think through His life-line. A believer should do more than just read the gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. Each believer should study carefully the birth events of His life from His birth right through to His death, resurrection and ascension. When you meditate on Jesus, you should be able to think sequentially through the life of Christ. Practice Journaling. When you keep a journal of your thoughts, you bring discipline to your thought life. By writing down what you think about Jesus, you add substance and direction to your meditation.

That I may know more about Jesus and serve Him better. Praise Christ for saving me and living in me. That I may understand the love that God had for me in sending Jesus to become flesh and die for my sins. Praise Christ for loving me enough to die for my sins. That Christ may dwell in my life Eph. Praise Christ for His birth, sinless life, death, resurrection and ascension back to heaven.

That I may abide in Christ and He may abide in me John That I may learn to ponder on Jesus as did Mary, and in my meditation become more like Him. Praise Christ for helping me grow in the faith and giving me strength to live for Him. That my meditation on Jesus Christ will help me grow as a Christian, solve my problems, and give me more victories, and help me live for Him.

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Praise Christ for the privilege of meditating on Him and growing daily in the knowledge of Him. Remember, Short pencils are better Than long memories. Write how your conversion happened, including the events that led up to and after receiving Christ.

Write the ways you are grateful for the life and death of Christ personal response. Write what things you are grateful for about the life and death of Christ actual events. Write a love letter to Jesus Christ. Write out your prayer that worships Jesus Christ. Write out the answers to prayer Christ has answered. One of the earliest doctrinal statements of the early church is found in I Timothy What four things can we know about Jesus from this reference? What two supernatural things can we know about the birth of Jesus from Isaiah ? According to Luke , in what four areas did Jesus grow or increase?

What do we know about the perfection of Jesus Christ? What is our example for attitudes and actions?


What was the primary purpose of Jesus coming to earth? The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! How do we know that the physical body of Jesus that died was actually raised from the dead? Where is the physical body of Jesus Christ today?

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Will we see Jesus again? For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. The island of Patmos was deserted. There were rocks. John was a prisoner, yet there were no barred cells, no locks and no guards. The island was a prison because there was no way off the rocky atoll in the Aegean Sea.

Even though John was a prisoner, there were no shackles that bound his soul. He was free to think. Jesus Christ had given him liberty. John was a young man when he began following Jesus.