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Technology has transformed the arena and made the marketplace equal for everyone. This book is also dedicated to the first ten people I have helped to get their books published and launched into best seller status. Self Publish Your Own Book 8. Self Publish Your Own Book 9. Who will help Why do you you Publish it? Where do want When do you it published? Ebook 0r print Self Publish Your Own Book Surprisingly the answer to these five crucial questions will determine if you are ready to publish a book or if you are just thinking about it.

When you are serious about writing and publishing a book, you can deal with anything and the little things that distract and derail the average person will not hinder you.

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What you choose as a topic is very important. The title is an offshoot of what you are writing about. Most people choose a catchy title and try and write around it. Whether you pick a title first or last, the WHAT factor is still of paramount importance.

You see There cannot be enough said about what you plan to write about. When you have effectively answered this question then the others become easier to answer. Your What is the reason you are writing in the first place. You can look back over all your life and see that once WHAT has been answered the How and all other matters become crystal clear. That Clarity is the essence of accomplishment.

Stop wasting your time on How you are going to accomplish the task and begin asking what it is you want to do.

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With the book, as in life, your The key to any type of success is to get started. Most people never succeed because they never get going. The What is the beginning that is necessary to get your book done. Take some time to decide What your Title will be and What you are writing about. There are several What's that must be answered.

In answering what, you will have already answered half the question. When you determine your What your Why just becomes a definition. You need to know Why or the What gets lost in translation.

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Your Why is the fuel to get the What going. Unless you have a clear answer as to Why you want to write a book, it will languish on the I'm gonna stage for years. I have coached authors that have had completed manuscripts gathering dust for years because their Why was unanswered. The Why is what will wake you up to write and not let you go to Self Publish Your Own Book sleep at night.

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Your Why is the passion and the purpose. With a clarity on their Why those authors would have published books and be enjoying the benefits of having done so. Because they wrote a book without being clear as to Why they found themselves in a murky place. They were unable to find the necessary skill set to finish in that they did not know why they wanted to in the first place. The Why answers a very important question Why are you willing to subject yourself to the grind and the gripping dread of writing a book? Why would you put yourself Self Publish Your Own Book though the pain and the agony of writing and rewriting and being rejected?

Only a person that is Clear about What they want to say and Why they want to say is willing to endure that torture. The question of Why is broken down into several key components But there are still a few questions that must be answered. It's important to know When you want to publish your book. This answers a very crucial question and sets up a timeline that can be defended. Self Publish Your Own Book Once you have a date and time established you will find time and opportunity to complete the project.

A dream without a deadline is just a wish. If wishes were cars we'd all be driving. The question of When points the author toward a timetable and deadline.

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If you have a projected date as to When you plan on being finished, you will schedule time and focus with renewed anticipation. Until you have a specific date and time, you just have a nebulous future event One day I'm going to write a book. With a timeframe of When that 'Someday' becomes one day with a framework on it. A timeline is the key to completing your book. If you are operating without an endpoint, you can become easily distracted and find that there is no needed discipline in place.

WHEN is a litmus test that positions the writer in specific timeframe that allows and demands that you stay on track. It is so easy to put your book and writing it on the back burner. There is never enough time or the time you have you can get so busy in that you are never able to get around to writing. If you have a dedicated timeframe, it becomes not only Self Publish Your Own Book easy but also necessary to have a regular writing regimen and time slot. When the question of WHEN is answered the other answers are easily put into place and the finished product comes into being.

There are 10 key factors regarding When Another key question and component is that of Where. This begs to answer the question of Where. Where do you want to publish it at? As a Kindle or as an e-book or as a print paperback. Do you only want it available online or do you Self Publish Your Own Book want to have a product in hand to verify and validate? Are you interested in having the book available in bookstores? The location or Where is extremely importance. Knowing and having Clarity as to the location of Where you want your book to be available is sensible and salient.

It is sensible because it gives you an understanding of the direction you want your book to go. It is salient because it gives you an out of the box criteria of exactly Where you can begin pre-marketing and get your best ROI.

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There are several questions regarding Where that must be answered No question Those four questions are the cornerstone of building your new Self- Published book. There is yet one question that must be answered and that is Who. Who is a question that fills in the gap? It allows you to engage in collaboration with others to complete your project. There are many people willing to assist you, you just have to ask. People want to help you they are just too afraid that they will be dismissed or laughed at.

The question of Who is one that must be answered. You can only do so much alone. There are at least ten questions that must be answered regarding Who Once all five of these questions are answered you are ready to begin the process of Self Self Publish Your Own Book To seriously and successful complete this task it requires more forethought than just writing down a clever title. Your title sets the tone for the entire project.

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You need to research it and make sure it resonates with you as well as a potential audience. Just picking a title, any title, can cause you more work in the long run. The final title of your book must be congruent with the point and the statement you are trying to make.