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The Giants That Stand Between You and Great Faith - Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

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How Do You Stand Firm in the Faith? Colossians 2a

Case Update — April-May part 4 June 14, When she prayed, the Lord gave her a vision of an old-fashioned balance scale. The scale was out of balance. At the end of those two days, she was completely healed. He is worthy of all our praise! Then, watch as your strength is renewed as you stand in faith.

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In fact, there are many testimonies of people in need of a miracle who prayed for a miracle for someone else, only to turn and find that they received what they were standing in faith to receive. Intercession is the highest expression of love. Have you ever seen a quitter win? No one has.

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Every victory in the Bible had a time between the promise and the victory. Some were very long periods of time with natural evidence that contradicted the promise all along the way.

Faith and patience are the power twins. Together, they will produce every time.

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Patience will guard you from your own feelings and from watching the clock. Let patience have her perfect work. Keep standing firm in faith, fully dressed in the armor of God, and before you know it, your victory will be in your hands!


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