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An experienced policeman who is familiar with the dark side of human nature, he lives in challenging times for the Norwegian police force, meeting them with integrity and humanity, and a fragile belief that he can play a part in creating a better world.

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A police report of a shoe containing a severed foot washed up on the sand introduces CI William Wisting. Soon a second is washed up, but it is another left.

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Has there been some kind of terrible accident at sea? Does it indicate the killing and dismembering of two victims? Is there a link with the unsolved mystery of a number of disappearances in the Larvik area in recent months? In this gripping police procedural, Wisting gradually gets to the bottom of the mystery with the help of his all too human colleagues and his journalist daughter, Line.

He has worked as a policeman in Larvik since His debut novel in , Key Witness, was based on a true murder story. Dregs is his first book published in English. The three Douglas sisters were all expected to do well. Now, as they approach middle age, Gillian has her career and Frances is successfully bringing up her sons on her own.

Then comes the phone call from Alec, the husband who left her for her sister Susan, thirteen years ago. Susan was always the problem, and now she has disappeared, abandoning Alec and her daughter Kate. Not Frances, surely. As they begin to wonder what has really happened to her, Frances and Gillian find their sister is as powerful and disruptive as ever. This is a family full of secrets. Brought up in Aberdeen she has lived in Hertfordshire and Northumberland but has now settled in the Highlands of Scotland where she works in Education.

Nadia Shashkova, now in her late twenties, but originally a child refugee from pre-revolutionary Russia, is contemplating her diminishing marital prospects.

None of the Portuguese suitors who pay their respects appeal to her in the slightest. Independent, astute, an outsider, Nadia is haunted by secrets from her childhood, memories of violence and rupture, and one terrible secret above all others will not let her go. Exotic and beautifully written, it is a story of love, history, adversity and adventure. Both novels have been translated into German and published by Random House Germany with a third set for release in Julian currently lives in Malaysia with his wife, Ming, his three young children, Augustus, Amber, and Aisha and his constant canine companion Boobert.

Alec Brodie kicked around South Korea for years, making his name as a photojournalist but blowing his money the moment he got his hands on it. A decade later, in London, things are no better but just as the creditors are closing in a fat commercial assignment arrives from the K-N Group in Korea. Brodie finds the Seoul low life as congenial as ever, not least the beautiful hooker, Miss Hong. About the time he discovers he is part of an enormous corporate scam he receives a ghoulish package.

Miss Hong has been murdered, Brodie is the prime suspect, and in Korea the maximum penalty for murder is death. Brodie is on the run, alone in a strange land — but perhaps not completely alone. Yin Yang Tattoo is the first in a series featuring Alec Brodie, with subsequent titles to be set in various Asian locations known to McMillan from the years he spent on assignment for leading publications in Europe, Asia and North America. Every expatriate in Asia has a story to tell.

An innocent meeting of a reading group sparks a series of bizarre events. Three troubled people, driven by loneliness, vanity and revenge, hurl themselves on Inverness public library to find that nothing is as they expect. Henry, Peter and Elena. Each agitated. Each seeking release. She won the fiction prize at the National Academy of Writing and was published in their anthology Finding a Voice.

She lives in Clapham, London. A fast, fun read, but not a superficial one. Paddy and John are two ordinary working class guys who are out of work and out of luck when they hit on a scheme to keep them occupied and keep their bellies full. As their dreams of self-sufficiency crumble, a powerful story of friendship against the odds unfolds. Des Dillon should be made available on the National Health, such is his unstoppable ebullience. The Scotsman. Des Dillon is an internationally acclaimed award winning writer, born in Coatbridge.

Studied English Literature. Taught English. Writer-inResidence at Castlemilk Stand up Comic, poet, short story writer, novelist, dramatist. TV scriptwriter and screen writer for stage and radio. Frederick Lightfoot In the last year of the Second World War three deaf girls are born in the same north of England village.

Miracle, coincidence, tragedy or omen? As children they discover each other on the shore and call each other sisters. One of them, Judith Salt, returns to the village aged sixty to tell the story of that first meeting, and her later return, aged twentyfive, pregnant, and determined that someone was going to die.

Payback for the fate of her sister, Abigail Sempie, grade III deaf, who, with only a syllable at her disposal, called herself E and somehow impressed her identity on the world. Their story is about deafness, the senses, the struggle for language and recognition, but family feuds, lies and secrets lie at its heart.

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In he won the Skrev Press short story competition. You can see all of our titles at www. Leslie Symons To Ride the Mountain Winds, possibly the first history of aerial mountaineering to span the whole period from the 18th century to the present day, is written for everyone interested in the history of mountaineering and also those interested in the history of aviation and the limits to which pilots have pushed their machines and their skills.

This should include not only climbers and flyers but also those airline passengers who, while sipping a gin and tonic in the luxury of a modern airliner, far above the shining snows, have paused to wonder what might happen if their jet-propelled magic carpet were forced suddenly to descend among them. Few will have pondered the connections between the histories of mountaineers and aviators but their interaction is almost as old as either.

His Ph.

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His interest in mountain rescue has led him to travel widely and to discussions with the rescue services of a number of countries. He has written many books and articles based on his travels and researches. They are also a magnet for climbers and walkers who occasionally come to grief. The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team operates across a vast, landlocked area that includes not only two of the three great plateaux but also Ben Alder to the south and the Dava Moorlands to the north. John Allen was a member between and and Team Leader from until his retirement.

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In his career he participated in well over rescues. Hamish Brown Hamish Brown was the first walker and climber to complete the Munros in a single round. By his own rules he did it self-powered except where ferries were required, and with the aid of his trusty fold away bike. The year was , and the roads of Scotland carried only a fraction of the traffic they do today, wind farms were unheard of, crofting more vibrant, and a strong Scottish mountaineering tradition was already established.

This is an inspirational classic of the outdoors. The third in his trip of early classics Climbing the Corbetts is being republished in Their success was a feat of dedicated mountaineering and effective teamwork through the storms, snows and avalanches of an epic winter season in the Scottish Highlands. Rising off the western seaboard of mainland Scotland are hundreds of islands, hidden worlds. Beginning on Arran, Jonny Muir sets out to explore these places with a single ambition: to reach the faraway St Kilda archipelago, the islands at the edge of the world. On the way he attempts to finds his inner peace on Holy Island, takes part in a punishing foot race across the misty mountains of Jura, confronts the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye and walks along the white-sand beach on Berneray that became the face of a Thailand tourism campaign.

Island life is not without its challenges. Jonny Muir explores not just these remote places, but also what it means to travel alone. An immensely enjoyable read — witty too. Moira Forsyth, editor. Jonny Muir is an adventurer, runner, writer and proponent of UKinspired travel. Born in Birmingham in , he grew up and was educated in north Worcestershire, before studying history at the University of Exeter. His first book, Heights of Madness, published in , is an account of that unique journey. Simon Varwell After acquiring a fascination with the dubious s haircut while travelling around Eastern Europe, Simon Varwell discovered a village in Albania called Mullet, and a mission was born.

Creating media storms in both hemispheres, the list of Mullets has grown like a tragic haircut, the quest threatening his career and finances, eventually taking over his life. He was born in and grew up in Benbecula in the Western Isles. He is married and lives in Inverness.

She lives at home in her own flat, with daily care from the community nurse when none of her family is staying. She says that she has reduced appetite, feels nauseous almost every day, and can feel a slight swelling under her right costal arch from time to time. Even at this point we are right at the heart of what it means to be human.