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Busted once already for transporting drugs over the Canadian border and now on probation, Ollie is trying to stay clean and find a real job, while making money delivering coffee and food and even clean laundry to workers at nearby drilling stations. This is not exactly a movie about how the opioid epidemic has ruined communities, but you do see how the opioid epidemic has ruined communities. But Ollie wants to stay legit this time.

And as she jumps from person to person, from setting to setting — from an agonizing check-in with her probation officer to a confrontation with Ian to an argument with Deb to a meeting at the bank — we may wonder if this movie, and this character, is headed anywhere. So, for that matter, might she. DaCosta films with an eye for atmosphere — everything is drab, hazy, gray — and movement. But when you're inside in The Little Woods, it doesn't feel like you're reading a book.

It feels like you're being told a story. Calista Wood is a fantastic protagonist - as perfect and flawed and awesome as any I've read. She's so real, she bleeds on the page. You can hear her when she speaks. She's the kind of girl I suspect I would have been in love with in high school, but I think she would have broken my heart. It's awesome. Just read it.

Mar 23, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: ya-fiction , read-in The longer I think about this one, the more disappointed I am in it.

This story is contrived to the point that even when all of the pieces come together at the end, the plot holes and character holes are more gaping. Ten years ago, Cally's sister and her best friend died after spending the night on the campus of St. Bede's academy her sister's friend, Laurel, was the daughter of one of the teachers and that gave them free reign to stay there that evening. Now, Cally's decided mid-way through th The longer I think about this one, the more disappointed I am in it. Now, Cally's decided mid-way through the semester that she's going to attend St.

Bede's -- the same out-of-state, private academy where her sister had died -- and she's taking up residence in the dorm where Iris had lived. The story is set against the backdrop of these mysterious woods. They were on fire the night that Cally's sister died and they're where Iris had supposedly disappeared. So while Cally's at school, she's meeting a whole host of characters. There's the girls who I can't tell apart but who are all pretty shady, then there are the two boys, Jack and Alex. I don't understand why there was ever a need to introduce a love triangle because it didn't amp up tension or suspicion about who committed crimes here at all.

Instead, it was distracting and the sex was poorly written, uninteresting, and didn't advance the characters. These relationships were flat and cliche and felt like they were trying way too hard they weren't even there for shock factor because there's virtually no on-screen time for intimacy. That was one of the biggest problems in this book: the only way most of these characters are defined is through their relationship to these boys.

It didn't make sense why they were the ones she trusted from the start and why she let the one good character fly under her radar. Cally was inconsistent. Then there's the drug use, which never once felt authentic or real. It's never clear if what Helen and Noel say happened with her really happened, but either way, it didn't work for me. It helped out in the big reveal a little but the way it was introduced in the first place was a bit sloppy hide spoiler ]. The Little Woods felt like it wanted to do a lot of what Erin Saldin does more successfully in The Girls of No Return: offer up characters whose intentions and back stories are unclear but who are stuck together in a remote place where bad things happen.

Except in this story, the whole reason Cally attends St Bede's in the first place is contrived, and that no one questions why she was doing it was bizarre.


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The dark and haunting elements never coalesced here. Moreover, Cally's voice isn't all that memorable to me; what's sticking out is how much I had to suspend my belief. While the story had a lot of problematic aspects, I thought the writing itself was nice. The pacing was right, despite the things that didn't work, and I do think there will be readers who will dig this.

But I guess my biggest concern is that this is the kind of story that would work well for younger YA readers, yet the "shock" elements and the writing itself -- which at times borders on using really sophisticated language a product of Cally's education and character, so it's not problematic in and of itself -- are going to be too mature. I'm bummed because this had all of the makings for something great, but it instead fell into many of the tropes that make these kinds of stories cliched.

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It just tried too hard. View 1 comment. Jan 20, Jay G rated it did not like it. Want to see more bookish things from me? Several years ago, Cally Woods older sister Clare, went missing in the woods at St. Bede's boarding school. She was never found. Cally begins attending this same boarding school in the middle of her junior year after a student goes missing. Upon arriving, Cally begins obsesseing over what happened to Iris, the missing girl, and decides to find out the truth.

In one part of the book, it is mentioned that a character is asexual, another character goes on to say that asexuality is just a phase and basically doesn't actually exist Now he's saying he's asexual, whatever that's supposed to mean". There were also other little comments in the dialogue that just made me uncomfortable regarding homophobia and gender roles.

At another point in the book, it is said "10 minutes alone with her and you want to kill yourself" - in my opinion, this should NEVER be said about another human Another instance, Cally is alone with a boy and she has inner dialogue where she says "I began to think I did not want to fool around with him, but I was too exhausted to know for sure", this made me extremely uncomfortable because he then began to "fool around with her" even after she expressed her uncertainty Another point in the book it states "when I walked in, he was flirting with a skittish redhead who was clearly quarterbacking the St.

The whole book just made me very uncomfortable. I hated the relationship between Alex and Cally. I found Alex to be very abusive in his comments and the way he treated Cally.

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I also did not like the relationship between Cally and the other boy either. I also did not like how Cally was cheated on, expressed how hurt she was by this boy and his actions and then immediately turned to another boy who was in a relationship to hook up with This new boy also forced himself on her the second time they had an encounter when she expressed her uncertainty of their actions. I felt that there were so many irrelevant things added into the plot just to make the book seem more interesting It felt like the author was trying to include to many plot points, in an attempt to make the book more relateable in a way???

Overall, this book just made me uncomfortable and I would not recommend it Mar 29, Katy rated it it was ok. I don't get it - Not because the book was confusing, but because I don't understand what the point was. The book itself was very cliche. It's the same played-out storyline that the majority of young adult books nowadays use - the boarding school, the unresolved murder mystery, the hot boys and love triangles, the mean girls and BFFs and not knowing who your real friends are. But I was hoping this book would have its own personality, and it didn't. The murder mystery is too predictable.

You knew fr I don't get it - Not because the book was confusing, but because I don't understand what the point was. You knew from the beginning who was involved, and no matter how many twists Templeman tried to throw in there, she made it so obvious that someone was framed or there was more to the story or it was just flat out wrong. Now the part I don't get. Other than the beginning, a few scenes here and there and the end, there wasn't much of a story about the murder mystery.

I know Cally said she wanted to keep her sister's story on the downlow, but she spent most of the books being distracted by her boarding school drama. And it was all awkwardly written, a bunch of the relationships were disturbing, and the end was just weird. I hadn't expected too much out of this book, but I was hoping to at least like it a little - and I'm sorry, but I just didn't. Mar 10, Ashley rated it did not like it.

This book was not good. I don't really feel like writing a full review even.

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I was disappointed because I read the author's second book first and enjoyed it though I only gave it 2. Instead of giving a review I wrote down my thoughts as I read because about 50 pages in I already wanted to one star this thing. I realize the following list is probably overly nitpicky but it was easier to just list my thoughts than to make them a cohesive paragraph or two. Here are m This book was not good. Reilly is a douche but no evidence is given of this -Why would you even give Freddy and Noel the time of day after you caught them combing through your stuff??

There's nothing wrong with using big words except when the rest of your writing is not this sophisticated they stick out like sore thumbs. Bedes -pg. You're going places, I can tell" - Where?? She says she's lazy, I see no studying and she's boring as heck -Cally gets a strange package and actually opens it, yet doesn't know who it's from and it's something mildly weird and creepy, but ok - pg.

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Am I just really bad at puzzles? Sjursen worries me. If she can't remember anything why does this school trust her around children? Does she have alzheimers?? Why has her aunt not made her come home yet either? You complain about them but I have seen nothing shady or unfair on their parts -Does Cally ever shower? I thought she wore skate shorts, t-shirts, and moose pjs - how is she goth?? Do all girls aside from me move this quickly?

Because this is just ridiculous to me.